Monday, September 28, 2009

Impact of The Beatles

We're going through yet another resurgence of The Beatles with the ongoing promotion of the re-released albums and the new game. Of course there’s greatly increased air time of their music as well. This resurgence happens about once a decade. As far as I’m concerned, it’s well deserved and appreciated.

When I was young growing up through the 60’s I listened to and enjoyed their music simply for the music. The other day I tuned in to a long set of their music being played on the radio. The station played hits ranging from the early 60’s through their last recorded album, Abbey Road. Listening to the full range of their music again reminded me to appreciate something else about the Beatles and what they represented. Right before our “ears”, The Beatles transformed from their early happy-go-lucky “beat” music of Love Me Do, I Want To Hold Her Hand etc. to the far more political and outspoken social critique of Taxman, Helter Skelter, Revolution etc. Their musical tone and messages mirrored the very turbulent decade of the 60’s as it evolved. Having grown up through the 60’s, I strongly relate to that transformation; more now than then.

Is new technology and media partially responsible for "old" being successfully seen as "new" again? I can't help but think that the new technology and media available today that brings us products like the Beatles Rockband video game enables cross-generation communication and appreciation. Perhaps the younger generation hasn't rejected our "old" music because it was introduced to them through new media?

In any event, I hope the once a decade resurgence of their music and memories goes on for quite a long time. To me, they represented the social change and issues of the 60’s, not just the legendary music they produced.
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